Here are mp3 files of the edited movements of the Honegger.  Click on the links to open a window where they play, or if you want you can download them to your computer and burn a CD or DVD of them.  I can give you a higher resolution version (wav or air file), but these are fine for evaluating the edits. If you want more edits done I can do that once you’ve noted the problem bits.

Arthur Honegger – Sonate pour violon seul

1)  Allegro
2)  Largo
3)  Allegretto grazioso
4)  Presto

4)  Presto Rev – This take is updated with the new version of M. 51-68

Mystery piece – can you identify? I can’t for the life of me figure out what this is, and I’m getting lost in the tapes (though some of them are not marked anyway!)

Mystery piece #2 – and maybe this one too?  spins like it came from the same session…

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