Welcome to CanSona Arts Media!

Please link through our pages to learn more about our services and available CDs on the CanSona label.

Our services include recording of concerts, auditions, videos and CDs.  We mainly work with classical music, though other forms of acoustic performance re also in our wheelhouse…jazz, folk, etc.  We have many contacts within the music community in the Ottawa area, as well as nationally.

Concerts: We have recorded many concerts, which are used for a variety of purposes including promotion and marketing, grant applications, copies for performers for archival or study purposes, and even broadcast.  Contact us at any time if you have a concert you’d like to have recorded, to get an estimate and book a session.

Auditions: Many post-secondary music schools either require or appreciate an audition tape.  In some cases, the audition must be provided as a video.  We can undertake both of these productions, as well as advise on the requirements and locations for such recordings.  Turn-around times can be an issue if the application date is approaching, so contact us early to get this organized and submitted on time.

CDs: Although the CD is slowly moving towards the status of the vinyl record and cassette tape, it is still a very useful format.  Many performers carry copies of their CDs to their performances, so that audiences can get a copy of their work right after the concert…and get it signed by the artist as well!  We can help you get from concept to disks-in-hand.  Our services include everything from planning, scheduling, recording, mix and edit, design and layout of the printed material, manufacture and delivery of the finished product.  We can also get your CD listed and available through iTunes and other online services, and ensure that you are receiving payment for your sales.

Video: Today the release of performances through sites like YouTube are viewed by thousands.  We can get you set up for either live video/audio or in-studio production.

CanSona has released 10 CDs, which are available for purchase.  You can find them in the iTunes store, or on Amazon and other online stores.  We’re also happy to sell our CDs directly to our customers.  Go to our Store page to peruse and order our CDs.