CanSona Arts Media is a company specializing in music recording, release and distribution. Our concentration is mainly in the area of classical music, but also includes other acoustic genres. We undertake all kinds of recording projects, ranging from concert archival recording to recording sessions for CD release. CanSona is also a recognized label, focused mainly on the release of recordings by composers and performers in the Ottawa and eastern-Ontario area.

CanSona Arts Media is a recording production company, a label for Canadian artists and composers, and an innovator in music and arts activities. Active since 1995, we are able to record concerts and sessions, prepare material for CD releases, and advise you on the release and promotion of your material. We have contacts within the Eastern Ontario musical community, and across Canada, to help you move ahead with your ambitions. We are experienced in the preparation of material for grant applications, and can advise you on potential funding opportunities. We have released a number of CDs on our own label, and can help find the best means of distribution for your recording, whether it’s commercial releases on CD or availability on the internet. And, if you have a recording which falls short of your satisfaction or needs further refinement, we can often improve it through digital manipulation, making your product meet your expectations.

Producer/engineer Gary Hayes has been involved in the production and presentation of concerts dating back to 1972, including over 30 years with CBC Radio, and a further decade of independent production. If you’re thinking of concertizing in the Ottawa area, he can help get your performance organized, including location, piano tuning, marketing, program preparation, presentation and much more. He is the main force behind CanSona, and a recognized, trusted name in the recording industry in Canada.

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