Recording acoustic-type concerts

Producer Gary Hayes has 40+ years of experience recording acoustic concerts, especially classical music, and can handle a wide variety of recording situations

CanSona is geared to record most concerts without the cost of rentals, providing a lower cost to clients for having high-end recordings of their performances

Demo recordings

We are able to undertake this mid-step recording level to provide clients with session-recordings to use as demos for arts council applications, calling card use. Demo recordings cost less than full CD production but provide more control than a concert-recording for the end-product.

CD productions

We are well experienced at putting together all of the elements of CD production, from pre-production to final packaging, and able to take clients from the dream of making a CD to having the product in hand.

Our expertise includes funding recommendations, location, session recording, mixing, editing, mastering, preparation of insert material, graphic design, and dealing with manufacturers.

Editing & restoration

We can undertake editing and polishing of material that is partially completed, and bring it to completion. We can often bridge the gap between an unsatisfying production and the clients’ goals

We can also undertake restoration of older recordings into good quality digital format, cleaning much of the noise associated with older technology

Video recordings

We are able to put together audio/video productions. CanSona has connections to production facilities and experienced people involved in AV, and can negotiate preferred rates for these services.

Acoustic concert production

We can also undertake most of the aspects of concert production for artists who want to perform but have few connections in the community. We have more than 30 years experience in concert presentation, and many connections in the Eastern-Ontario area. We can also access connections in other communities across Canada.

Funding applications:

We have spent many hours in the preparation of grant applications and are able to assist in the preparation of such applications from private and public sources.